Job Description

Statement of Purpose: perform general repairs as directed. Review, evaluate, and respond to the needs of residents, staff, and campus as pertains to maintenance. Provide training for other staff as designated by Assistant Director of Facilities which shall include safety training.

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance First Responder shall respond to all emergency calls as quickly as possible while remaining safe.
  • Works in a team setting with the Director of Facilities, managers and coordinators, to ensure that the maintenance, security, comfort, and safety needs of the campus, the tenants, and the staff are met.
  • Respond to work requests to the best of ability.
  • Works with the Assistant Director of Facilities, managers and coordinators, to review level and quality of work performance, efficient use of resources, potential training needs, and any trends/patterns which may suggest customer service or larger system or facility concerns.
  • Follow all established safety policies and procedures in the performance of work duties.
  • Keep work area(s) free of hazardous conditions.
  • Model and reinforce accident prevention behaviors.
  • Address all unsafe or potentially hazardous situations and advise the Assistant Director of situation immediately.
  • Report all accidents/incidents, no matter how minor, to the Assistant Director immediately.
  • Promptly report all identified problems or service concerns beyond scope of job to the Assistant Director.
  • Diagnose failures as designated through maintenance work order program and as deemed necessary by industry standards and Assistant Director.
  • Order materials for jobs according to maintenance materials ordering procedures.
  • Clean all work areas as designated in Maintenance cleaning policy.
  • Complete all mandatory in-service programs pertaining to building construction installation and safety as designated by the Assistant Director.
  • Understand and respect residents’ rights to privacy and self-determination.
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • Customer service experience
  • High school graduate or GED
  • Excellent English speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Mathematical skills sufficient to complete job duties successfully
  • One year of building maintenance / or trade school training program
  • Have successfully used all standard hand tools that pertain to the building maintenance industry
  • Knowledge/ability to learn mobile digital software
  • Must provide own hand tools