Job Description

Under the direction of the Life Enrichment Lead, the Life Enrichment Specialist (Vermillion Cliffs) is responsible for the planning, the coordination, and the implementation of the Memory Support Programs.  The programs shall be scheduled on a daily basis and shall make every effort to meet the comprehensive needs and interests of all residents in accordance with current State and federal regulations.

Essential Functions 

  • Schedule and coordinate leisure activity programs to meet the variety of interests; the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs of all current residents.
  • Work closley with Director of Research, Health Care Center Administrator, and Director of Nursing.
  • Mentor, give and take direction, and coach the IDT team in regards to Dementia activities while following the Philosphy of mind, body, spirit whole wellness.
  • Willing to learn about Dementia and common responses to residents capabilities.
  • Act as a liason to the IDT team, family members, and loved ones in regards to the capabilites and expectations of an individual resident while providing comfort to everyone involved.
  • Develop activity programs to allow residents to participate within their capabilities while adding richness to residents life.
  • Inform the residents, support staff and the interdisciplinary team of the current schedule of planned activities throughout a 24 hour day.
  • May work weekend, nights, and odd hours when scheduled.
  • Work will consist of bending, stretching, some heavy lifting (up to 25lbs), walking, on your feet for long periods of time, and great communication skills.
  • Complete a comprehensive evaluation on each resident according to his/her background, past and present leisure interests, abilities, physical and mental limitations, and activity related needs. This shall serve as the base from which individual activity plans shall be developed.
  • Change residents individual plan as residents progresses through different levels of Dementia.
  • Document the individual activity assessment and activity plan using the appropriate assessment forms to be found in the medical record, completing an activity plan in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Participate and assist in the completion of the comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment and plan of care, and in on-going care plan review processes.
  • Maintain timely progress notes specific to the resident’s activity plan, recording at least quarterly in the medical record and more frequently when appropriate.
  • Perform annual activity assesssment revisions/annual progress notes and annual (activity related) MDS re-assessments in a timely manner.
  • Develop appropriate records which indicate the resident’s attendance and participation in the program with reference to resident response to the program. Write, file, and maintain all required documentation with timeliness and accuracy.
  • Orienting, training, and supervising of volunteers.
  • Attend and actively participate in designated committee meetings and patient care conferences.
  • Make sure available resouces are appropriate for all residents in the community.
  • Serve as a faculty liaison to promote positive community support.
  • Direct the program of activities as printed and posted, and assign program leadership to qualified individuals.
  • Supervise and protect residents within activity program.
  • Compose facility calendars, flyers, posters or newsletters as directed by the Health Care Administrator.

Minimum Education:          High School Diploma or GED

Minimum Experience:        Possess two years of experience working with Seniors in a Retirement community atmoshphere.

                                           And/Or 1 year experience working directly with Dementia programming